The Flutie Foundation is proud to be an affiliate member of Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism

Adult Services in Demand
With an increase in prevalence of autism has come an increased demand for effective services for adolescents and adults with autism and for accurate information on what constitutes appropriate evidence-based intervention and practice. Unfortunately, the need continues to far exceed the available resources leaving a generation of people with autism and their families in a programmatic, financial, and personal limbo and society-at-large economically diminished.

Questions Unanswered 
How do we, as a society, help this group of citizen's achieve their rightful place as
participating members of society and in so doing transition from an all too common status as 'dependency' to engaged, involved and, ideally, tax paying members of their communities?

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism is designed to address these questions.  Visit the AFAA website to see how they are answering these questions.