Allison Keller is a 17 year old Sophomore Hanover High School in Hanover, NH. Ali was diagnosed with autism at an early age when she exhibited a speech delay. Ali still faces many communication problems and generally uses 2-3 word sentences to express her wishes. A big breakthrough came when Ali was 12 and we discovered Facilitated Communication (FC) via the computer. The Kellers learned that underneath the cloud of autism, there was a bright girl with a great sense of humor who was developing in many ways like a normal teenager. The iPad has made facilitated communication that much easier in addition to offering many other benefits.


September 17, 2012

I am autistic. I want so much to talk but autism makes it challenging. I want to be friendly but man I seem rude. I want everyone to know that I do not mean to be.  I have my Whitney (my aide). I really need Whitney to help me stay focused.

I also have favorite straws with me so that I can feel very safe.

I say things that are funny and really do not make sense. I say them because I seriously just hear each noise and it seems to help. Once I start needing to say those very best favorite sayings, it is helpful to ignore it.

I can easily get to being loud mainly because I am wanting what I can't have. I and  Whitney want seriously for me to get new friends.  I feel as if teachers get my information mostly and I want peers to also understand me.

I also immensely enjoy most music. I really like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne most.

I want each same autistic individual to be able to communicate. Ipads make that so much easier.

My iPad helps me amaze my teachers and dear friends by allowing my awesome mind to be seen. I can now work at same level as my peers.

I want just to say that my iPad really makes school very normal because teachers can see easier my mind is great and my mind is not absolutely dead.

  Ali Keller